Technical Support

Digital transformation begins with infrastructure automation.

We offer a specialized technical support solution

WAMA Solutions infrastructure services portfolio includes a full range of integrated cloud and cybersecurity services.

However, almost all companies look for these opportunities in an ad hoc, fragmented and inefficient manner. Why not do something unique that offers full access to all opportunities, in addition to optimizing operational efficiency and reducing the cost of today’s IT operations? Automate your IT infrastructure so that you can automate all of your business processes.

WAMA Solutions’ infrastructure services portfolio includes a full range of integrated cloud and cybersecurity services. All are designed to work together, ensuring the link between services and suppliers to implement solutions throughout the IT supply chain.

In turn, our Remote Technical Support allows increasingly intelligent, fast, secure and integrated approaches to be taken. We put at your disposal solutions and specialists capable of monitoring and protecting your technological infrastructure. Whether in an integral logic or as a complement to in-house capacity, with the experience and skills to support the management of the entire network life cycle, allowing you to focus resources on your core business.

We are able to act on the following fronts:

  • Design computer networks and perform their maintenance;
  • Take responsibility for the security of network resources, that is, data and services;
  • Prevention of physical and / or logical invasions;
  • Creation of security policies;
  • Control of access to resources;
  • Install, configure and update antivirus and antispyware programs;
  • Backup creation and maintenance;
  • Install and maintain multiple Operating Systems;
  • Install and maintain digital communication, that is, e-mail, WEB, SFTP and VPN;
  • Define content control policies;
  • Define bandwidth access control to the WEB;
  • Set up email accounts;
  • Create and use VPNs;
  • Provide digital media systems, that is,
    VoIP, video conferencing, etc;
  • Install and maintain management systems (ERP);
  • Install and maintain database systems (DBMS);
  • Provide support to users of the company or organization.

Why choose WAMA Solutions?


Unlike other market-leading technical support service companies, which use the same approach for all customers and are inconsistent in contract execution, WAMA Solutions management ensures a flexible contract with multiple levels of technical support, exceeding industry best standards.


We offer a specialized technical support solution for both large and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that will provide support to users or customers of your IT park, helping you to regain control of your support services.


We provide you with the necessary tools so that your employees become fully focused on their skills. We bring together our business technical support services and make them simpler, in the form of service packages, which we call Express Support. These packages can vary from 50 to a maximum of 500 monthly incidents.