Services for Telecommunications and Energy Networks

Quality in customer service

With a continuous approach to innovation, quality and customer service, WAMA Solutions builds, installs and maintains telecommunications networks.

I. Fixed and Next Generation Networks / Fiber Optics


    • Telecommunications Networks
    • Copper Network
    • ITED / ITUR Network
    • CATV network – coax
    • GPON / FTTH Network – Fiber Optics
    • Cartography
    • Scanning
    • Survey
    • Structuring the network and optimizing solutions
    • Budgeting
    • Design and conception
    • Execution of the executive project

II. Installation / Maintenance

Local Network

    • Installation and organizers of pigtails or jumpers
    • Interconnection network

    • Installation and connection of symmetrical pair cables, coaxial cables and fiber optic cables

    • Installation of terminal equipment

    • Installation and connection of cables of symmetrical pairs of coaxial cables and fiber optic cables

    • Authorizations from public and private entities

    • Organization of licensing dossiers

Client Network

    • Installation of television, internet and telephone customers using coaxial cable, optical fiber.

    • Assembly of terminal equipment

    • Network installation ited / itur

    • Installation of external and interior customer network, copper network, coaxial network and fiber optic network (FTTH)

III. Technical Rooms

Structured Cabling

Our offer includes:


Solutions Design




Suport and Maintenance


Field Service


Monitorization and Operation